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Residential projects

Solar PV panels for homes

5H Renewable Energy Ltd offer a full turn-key solar PV design and installation service for new build properties and existing homes.  Because we are independent installers we are not tied to brands, giving us the flexibility to design a system that is right for you.  

Solar PV is the most popular smart energy technology installed in the UK. Over one million homeowners have now switched to solar panels and batteries to power their homes with free, clean energy generated by the sun.

Improved efficiency and advancements in technology mean that solar panels can be fitted almost anywhere and can take the form of glass, roof tiles, slates, membranes and more. 

Combining your solar panels with a battery has now become the most popular solution for homeowners. These hybrid systems offer much more control over your energy consumption and allow you to store your solar energy to power your electric vehicle or for use in the evenings.

5H offer a seamless solution for solar battery storage that starts by understanding your needs and suitability to design a system that delivers the best outcomes.  For more information please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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